Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Starry shoes

If you don’t like floral, you’re unlikely to venture into Cath Kidson’s full-on floral world. I know Cath Kidson can also be a little twee and there’s only so many retro tea cosies and sewing kits you need in life! But, I always follow my shopping mantra which is that treasures can be found everywhere...such as these...

My new Cath Kidson espadrille star print wedges...a present from Mr W.

It has been such a treat to wear at least some semblance of a heel, as pregnancy has put an end to high heel wearing for now. They’re not too high and are incredibly comfortable – even the woven back is lined with soft fabric so that it doesn’t rub.

I know £48 for canvas shoes may seem a little steep but they're very well made and after wearing them a few times, I think worth every penny!

However, they also came under attack on Regent Street today when some utter muppet with a push chair managed to wheel into my ankles TWICE and actually dragged one of the shoes off...all whilst crossing the road! Aside from being slightly miffed at almost falling over in the middle of the road, the red mist truly descended when I thought my new shoes had been ruined!

Thankfully my lovely new shoes are ok...just a tad looser than they were.

And the man got a severe telling off...I actually shouted at him...a first for me on Regent Street!

p.s. on the subject of shoes, the Swedish Hasbeen range for H&M was launched today...bargain clogs for less than £35...and not the usual H&M designer collaboration scrum!

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