Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dorothy Perkins in the sale

Rather than wasting time visiting every single shop on the high street during sales seasons, it’s always worth focusing on the shops where you've loved the stock full price. It stops you being swayed by massive reductions on clothes that you'd never have contemplated full price.

I know Dorothy Perkins isn’t hugely expensive to begin with...and wouldn’t normally be on my sales trail...but I've loved their SS11 collection so much that it’s definitely on the list for a visit.

I think if I had to choose just a couple of things to buy it would be the denim ruched dress and floral sequined boots – both of which have already featured on Edna at full price.

You do have to wade through a massive amount of clothing to find the treasures in Dorothy Perkins (their level of stock seems epic!) but it has been worth it this year...though my interest has focused on their dresses and shoes, which seem better than everything else in store.
These are my sales favourites...

Cream/pink spot peter pan dress - £10 (down from £26)

I’ve featured this on Edna before - light wash denim ruched dress - £23 (down from £32)

Ivory oranges & lemons dress - £22 (down from £40)

Navy stripe peter pan dress - £10 (down from £26)

Green leaf button back dress - £20 (down from £38)

If you can walk in these beasts, these are worth opening your purse crochet wedge sandals - £30 (down from £45)

Same with these...I’m in awe if you can walk in them! Blue floral platform shoes - £17 (down from £40)

Pink plait sandals - £12 (down from £23)

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