Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday Edna!

It’s my one year blog birthday! Edna is a year old! It was always a big goal to reach a year – so often I start something and it fizzles out after a few months. I’ve been determined to blog for at least a year and prove to myself that I have staying power on something that I love.

I think if I wasn’t heavily pregnant, I’d be tempted to go out and treat myself to something to celebrate. But I’m at the stage of pregnancy when most clothes feel pretty uncomfortable, all shoes are too small and generally I think just sitting in a kaftan, wafting around at home is the most I’m capable of! So I’m treating myself to a tub of ice cream instead!

I was looking on the Debenhams website last night, buying towels rather than anything exciting, and saw that they have an amazing sale on right now. I love the designers range at Debenhams, particularly the new ‘Edition’ range. There are some serious bargains to be had and if I was shopping, these are some of the treats I’d be thinking of buying.

Jonathan Saunders/Edition yellow and beige sequin dress - £12 (down from £40)…the ‘beige’ description doesn’t really do it any favours but it’s lovely.

H! by Henry Holland beige zebra spot top - £17.50 (down from £25)

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson baby’s pink embellished medallion dress - £9.80. Fashion is fashion and this is a gorgeous dress…which I almost bought for my unborn daughter last night!

And they have my grey jersey dress from the Preen/Edition range now at a bargain £13.50, down from £45!


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