Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dreaming of a waistline for H&M skirt!

I’m having a bit of an early lust item of the week because if I don’t write about this skirt and get at least some of it out of my system, I have a fear I’m going to just end up buying it tomorrow!

I spotted this skirt in the window of H&M a few weeks ago and saw it up close this week. It is love.

H&M batik print skirt - £29.99

I wouldn’t even be able to get into it at the moment and would need to save it for when I have a waistline again. But even that level of delayed gratification hasn't put me off buying it!

It’s part of their new ‘Water Aid’ collection, where they give £5 from every sale to the WaterAid you can almost convince yourself that you’re actually not just consuming for your own benefit but for the good of others too!

I don’t mean to mock – it’s a great initiative – I’m more just mocking myself for even allowing the charity angle to come into play when buying a skirt.

I know the print isn’t tie-dye but it does have the air about it, which is something I love...and have totally blocked all memories of wearing tie-dye in my hippy phase as a teenager and instead now equate with something much more grown-up and elegant (as I blogged about here). A little boho-luxe!

I’d wear this skirt with a t-shirt tucked in...though nothing too plain and matchy-matchy. Possibly one of these...

Pins & Needles Breton top - £28

And just to add a spring to my step, I’d have these little beauties on my feet.


  1. That skirt is really cute! Love the t from top shop with the wolves!
    XO Carrie

  2. It's lovely, isn't it...though I am still managing to resist the urge to buy it!


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