Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer beauty

As I’ve got further and further into my pregnancy, the pleasures of shopping for clothes and accessories have started to wane a little. I still have fashion daydreams but I’m realistically not going to crack my purse open to buy a new pair of shoes when I can barely get my swollen trotters into flip-flops!

Instead, what have remained little treats are make-up and beauty products. When I bought tickets to London Fashion Weekend back in February, I got a free bottle of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour body moisturiser...something I’d never normally buy as it seems too expensive for a body cream. I finally started using it a few weeks ago and it's gorgeous and a real indulgence when I’ve needed it most. So what if I feel swollen, hot and skin feels soft and cared for. I love it and would honestly consider buying it...though £25 for a body cream still hurts!

A brand I find a much more affordable treat is Korres. I remember buying a tonne of Korres products from a pharmacy in Athens years ago and becoming a total convert. The products are gorgeous – all natural, organic loveliness. And although they’re not cheap, £7.50 for a shower gel feels like a little treat rather than a decision you’ve taken to shower that week rather than eat!

These are all products I want in my bathroom right now...

One of my favourite products from Korres - watermelon body scrub - £12
This is what I wanted to use today in my innumerable cold showers...39 weeks pregnant and over 30 degrees is not a happy combination! Basil lemon fresh tones shower gel - £7.50

And this is what I wanted to apply afterwards...yoghurt cooling gel - £16
Colour cherry lip the sale and now starting at £8.40

And if you haven’t tried Korres products before, the ‘Best of Korres’ gift box is a good start to see if you like the products...and is down to £13.65 in the sale (from £17.50).

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