Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer dressing inspiration

I've blogged before about Club Monaco and my weakness for the brand every time I've been to the USA or Canada. Chic, understated clothing, that's great quality, but has interesting detailing that stops it being too classic and safe. Everything I've ever bought from Club Monaco has become a treasured item in my wardrobe.

It was like my shopping prayers had been answered earlier this year when Browns Fashion started selling Club Monaco clothing...the only shop in the UK where you can buy it. However, I think my poor mathematical skills have always shielded me from the full brunt of the pricing as it seems a lot more expensive in pounds than dollars! Either it is more expensive in the UK or I have zero ability to convert currencies!!

Still, as I am not buying any clothing at the moment, I'm admiring from afar and taking inspiration from Club Monaco's SS11 lookbook. The outfits look fresh and light and everything I want from summer dressing (though possibly longer shorts!).

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