Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Exciting Editions

Last month, Debenhams launched its latest designer collaboration – the Edition range. I was quite excited about it at the time as it features great, modern designers – the first range includes Jonathan Saunders, Preen and Jonathan Kelsey. But I think in my attempts to prevent myself spending money I hadn’t gone to see the range in the flesh.
On Friday, in Cardiff, that changed...and I had a moment of over-excitement where my mum had to remind me I was pregnant and shouldn’t get too over-stimulated!

It's a great range and reasonably priced for what you are getting...I had somehow presumed the clothes would be nearer to the £100 mark.

I broke the (admittedly weak) seal on my purse and made a purchase...a dress that works in pregnancy but will be fine afterwards (it's the Preen grey frill dress I’ve included below). My sister indulged too and bought the Jonathan Saunders lime chiffon front jersey top and it looked very special – the chiffon overlay is gorgeous.

I could have bought more. I may buy more. For now, I intend to enjoy my Preen purchase for under £50!

Jonathan Saunders black & white colour block dress - £38

Jonathan Saunders white colour block blazer - £60

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