Thursday, 31 March 2011

Zara brights

If you've read a fashion magazine over the past couple of months, you'll definitely have heard the term 'colour blocking' umpteen times. It's a very fashiony expression for essentially wearing lots of bright colours with each other...a bit of a colour onslaught!

In the grey depths of winter, the idea of colour blocking seems faintly ridiculous...a bit like a strutting peacock in a flock of pigeons. I think bright colours work in bright light...gorgeous sunshine lends itself to a more colourful wardrobe.

And now that the weather is starting to improve, the colour blocking trend seems to be flourishing.

A huge hit on the high street is the Whistles 'Carrie' pleated skirt in coral (the midi length rather than the knee length shown in the link) which given that it seems to be selling out everywhere, is going to be seen EVERYWHERE this summer!

Zara is one of my favourite shops on the high street and I seem to have regular Edna blogs on the lovely threads in store! Zara has embraced colour blocking this season and has some great bursts of colour, such as these pink skinny trousers, this pink blazer with black trim, this green frilled dress and this wonderful cobalt blue handbag

If you're feeling a little uneasy about a massive colour onslaught, then I think bright details...dare I say a pop of colour...through accessories, make-up or one item of clothing will work very well!

I think I'm more likely to wear brights against neutrals and on a day-to-day basis will probably have brights in the details of my wardrobe rather than the whole. Zara's latest lookbook is lovely and inspirational and shows a more subtle way of embracing the colour blocking trend, which I like a lot! 


  1. I love Zara I just hate when I can't find their stuff in store. They need an online shop for the US stat.

  2. I can be quite hit & miss in store. I do find online shopping with Zara difficult though because their sizing is so odd & varies so much. I'm a UK size 8-10 and I often only fit into an extra large in Zara! But the clothes are so lovely that we put up with it!


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