Friday, 10 December 2010

Chic Shoes

I spotted this week's lust item in the LK Bennett sale and fell in love. You know when you spot something that just fits into your wardrobe perfectly. Chic, Chanel-esque flat black shoes will always have a place in my wardrobe and there will always be a need for them. 

LK Bennett Melia shoe - £65
Years ago I bought a pair of patent leather flat shoes from Topshop that had two straps, one around the ankle and the other a mary jane style strap. I wore them to death...seriously, even when they had holes in the soles I would still insist on wearing them in dry weather. It pained me to eventually throw them out!

Normal, straightforward flat black ballet pumps work but don't really do much to excite me. But flat, quilted, patent leather, square toe shoes do! These are definitely a 'buy now, wear later' purchase though, as I'm currently coping with the winter by wearing tights, two pairs of socks and my fur lined boots!  

But these are now in the sale, down from £125 to £65...and I walk past them twice a day! How much will-power am I going to need to resist that much temptation?!
They come in black, navy and red...uber-chic! I love them!


  1. Beg, borrow or must buy these shoes! I can see you in these with so many of your outfits. Lovely!

  2. I know...they're amazing, aren't they! I've been at home for a week feeling rubbish but should be back in action by middle of the week & one of the first things I'm tempted to do is go straight into LK Bennett & buy these shoes!


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