Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fashion crush on Carey

A big day for the Edna blog...I've hit 30 followers! Welcome my lovely new followers...I really hope you enjoy my blog! 

Also, allow me to blow my own trumpet just for a second...I recently got featured in an article entitled "World’s Top Fashion Bloggers Who Aren’t Celebrities (Yet)"! I shit you not...I was number 12 on the list! My little fledgling blog! Excited doesn't even come close to describing how I felt...but also slightly nervous about more people visiting my blog and then thinking it's rubbish! I'll do my best not to disappoint!

Tonight, I'm talking fashion crushes!

If I didn’t love Carey Mulligan enough already, I’ve just watched this film of the cover shoot of the latest issue of Elle and the crush has intensified! A sweetheart and wonderfully un-starry! And she confesses to not having a clue about fashion and trusting her stylist for all her appearances (I adore everything she wears on the red carpet, so I’m now in love with her stylist!).

I try to keep celeb-talk on this blog to a minimum but I do have a few fashion crushes. And I love it when there are women in the public eye who don’t dress for tits and arse exposure is kept to a minimum! It’s great to see women looking stylish and elegant but also not frumpy and unoriginal...and Carey Mulligan (and her great stylist!) is one of those women.

She’s on the cover of the new issue of Elle and there’s a lovely collection of photos of her on ‘star style’ for inspiration.

p.s. I'm planning to have a Christmas gift guide on the blog this weekend...a bit late, I know! But I have been in the thick of my own Christmas shopping in any spare time...the 'only two weeks until Christmas' anxiety has set in!


  1. Oh, how exciting Katie/Edna!! I checked out the article and felt very proud and so thrilled for you... stardom comes a callin'!

    Every time I see pics of Carey Mulligan I debate whether to have my hair cut short again - her style is lovely, classic but not old or frumpy (particularly as she is a youngster). That pic of her in the long dress is stunning.... maybe I am just a smidge jealous!! xxxx

  2. love her! she really has a great sense of style
    feel free to Follow Me xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  3. Thank you lovely Lizzie! I was stunned to be included & massively excited!

    Carey Mulligan is wonderful - classic but not frumpy is a difficult one but she manages it every time. So chic!

  4. Go Katie! How exciting for you!


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