Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mustard fancy!

I spotted this dress on my travels around the Asos website and it just screamed lust item of the week. The colour, sixties styling and peter pan collar...there's lots to love about this dress.

Asos knitted sixties shift dress - £36

Once again, Asos seems to have chosen a child to model the dress...which makes a 33 year old woman take a cold, hard look at the outfit to decide whether it's something a woman could wear! I think in this case it is...with some thick black tights, black winter boots (maybe the Dune boots I am in love with and featured this past week) and a warm winter coat. I think a spot of leopard print would work with it too...even just a pair of leopard print gloves.


  1. it is oh so loving the idea of leopard print gloves!!

  2. wow
    wish i could wear yellow
    its just a stunning shade

  3. I think the black collar keeps the yellow from your face, so you might be able to wear it? Might be worth a try...


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