Monday, 20 December 2010

Owl of December

Hello Edna readers! Apologies again for such a slack week of blogging last week. I’m hoping that this week will be much, much better and I will have time for lovely fashion thoughts rather than too much of life’s stress invading every waking moment! 

It was lovely to come back to my blog and see comments from my lovely readers! Even if I have neglected my blog this past week, you’ve kept thank you.

And I hope life isn’t too stressful for you all too...and that you're enjoying the Christmas week (and not freezing your arse off in a queue somewhere!).

I thought I’d start off this week’s blogging with something owl of the month. I did a little internet rambling recently and found a website that is a veritable feast of owls:  

The site is from the US artist Susie Ghahremani, who clearly loves nature and features quirky animals across stationary, clothing, jewellery and lots of other bits and pieces. I loved it!

And of all the items on the site, this little notepad was my favourite at only $6.

Edna’s owl of the month – barn owl memo pad

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