Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Easy to apply liquid liner

I feel a bit rubbish doing a really short blog tonight when I've just noticed Edna has new followers! Hello! Thank you for following my blog...I really hope you enjoy it.

And sorry for being so short and sweet tonight. Home from work late, barely awake, and decided that it's probably also a good idea to pack my hospital bag in case my baby decides to arrive early (only just over four weeks to go!) so I'm vaguely putting things into my gorgeous Lin & Leo bag.

I've been meaning to blog about Prestige bargain liquid eyeliner for a while.

I've never heard of Prestige cosmetics and haven't bought anything else from them other than their liquid liners...but they are brilliant! A total doddle to apply - it's so easy to get a nice smooth line. It has a good, strong colour and stays put all day. All for £5.99! I've got classic black and burgundy and love both.

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