Monday, 10 January 2011

A bit of Chanel via Uniqlo

New Year, another new dawn on the finance front in our household. Once again, I am committing to cutting back, suppressing the feeling that any money I earn is burning a hole in my pocket...and wearing and using what I already own!

So as much as I would love to go on a sales shopping spree, I've quashed the urge and only opened my purse to buy two cardigans from Uniqlo...both in the sale and under £35 for the pair! We’ve still got months of winter left and layers are essential and some of my layers are starting to look a little ratty. So these are actually a replacement purchase rather than an addition (that’s my reasoning, anyway!).

I wore one of them to work today, hoping to create a Chanel inspired outfit. 
The cardigan has jacket styling and a sort of Chanel boucle feel to it, with a metallic thread throughout. I wore the cardigan with a black jersey dress from Cos (a sales purchase from last year), an old favourite necklace from Untold at House of Fraser and my never-off-my-feet-this-winter boots bought in Copenhagen last year. I think the leather over the knee boots helps to give the outfit more of an edge; it toughens it up rather than looking too ladylike.

However, as much as I was trying to channel Chanel, it was in appearance only. I’ve had a day in the office when I’ve signed my name as Katie Water for a water delivery and realised about an hour after lunch that my lovely black Cos dress has a huge dollop of leek and potato soup down the front! Thank god I liked my outfit, as my ability to carry out basic functions such as eating and signing my own name seem to have been beyond me!!


  1. ...won't be long before you have baby dribble/vomit/poop/wee/milk on your lovely Chanel inspired outfits - the soup is only the start of it!!!! xxx

  2. Trés Chanel (the outfit not the food stains!) - and do you have leftover Christmas sweets on your sideboard? That's very impressive.

  3. I actually think I need a bib to eat - ruining outfits every day at the moment. Pesto on silk dress most recent disaster!


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