Saturday, 8 January 2011

An Acorn from Vivienne

Regular Edna readers will know that I worship at the feet of Vivienne Westwood (at least on a fashion basis, not necessarily when it comes to her manifesto!). If I found myself awash with cash, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel would be the two stores where I would have a splurge.

I am lucky enough to have a few bits of Viv – some jewellery and a couple of handbags (you can view my lovely Bambi bag in all its glory here!). When it comes to sales season, I always have a look at what’s on sale as Vivienne Westwood does massively reduce items. They’re still not cheap but if you love something and know you will cherish it, then you can treat yourself but often pay half the original price.

Which brings me to this week’s lust item. I love jewellery influenced by nature – I adore the jewellery range at NW3 at Hobbs with its little hedgehogs and pine cones. My sister in law made me a lovely acorn necklace for Christmas (I will post a picture over the next week or two). And the king of nature inspired jewellery is the wonderful Alex Monroe (you can enter a competition on the Elle website at the moment to win an Alex Monroe bee ring).

And so when I saw this acorn and oakleaf necklace on the Vivienne Westwood website...and in the sale...I knew it had to feature on Edna and I would need to draw upon the well of willpower to stop myself cracking open the credit card!

Acorn and oakleaf small pendant - £63 down from £105

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