Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hitting the New Year Sales

Happy New Year Edna readers...if there are any of you left after my prolonged hiatus! December was a pretty stressful month and I got to the point where I didn’t have a fashion thought left or the urge to write a single word...and when that happens I know life has gotten pretty bad!

I knew that my stress levels were finally starting to drop when, like a sleeping beast, the urge to shop started to awaken!

The reason for the stressful month is that I'm pregnant! I’m very happy about it and was feeling reasonably ok (aside from all day sickness and zero energy) until things started to go horribly wrong in December and I ended up in A&E! Thankfully, the little one is ok and aside from giving me a mini breakdown, all seems to be well.

I do sincerely pledge, Edna readers, that although I'm excited about being pregnant I will not turn this into an extension of the Baby Centre website or a total mummy blog. I may slip in the odd bit of maternity wear – and ask for maternity tips...especially skincare as mine has been in meltdown – but only if I love it and would wear something similar if I was without a bump!

I find so much maternity clothing far too mumsy. I know I'm going to become a mummy but it doesn’t mean I want to change my style...and I don’t care if it’s more yummy mummy than mumsy, I don’t want any of it. I want to look like me...but pregnant. It’s the same as with anything else in life – what I wear to work, to socialise, to sit around the house...I want to keep my own style but just adapt according to circumstances.

But as I near the July due date, if you see me posting a photo in something you know I would never normally wear and there’s even a whiff of mumsy, please shout at me!

Aside from my big news and apologies for neglecting you, tonight’s blog – the first of 2011 – is about sales bargains. Around the time of the summer sales last year, I blogged about my tips for getting the best out of the sales. The same rules apply and are essential to avoiding getting ripped off and filling your wardrobe with a load of tat that you’ll never wear.

If I was going to open my purse...and I am tempted to, especially in the quest for comfortable but chic shoes (I’m feeling pretty sure the LK Bennett numbers are going to find their way onto my feet soon!) these are some of the lovely items that I would consider buying. Lots I have loved full price, always a good starting point when you approach sales shopping.

By Malene Birger Topas chiffon blouse - £104 down from £209

Lucy Hutchings glass stone tassel pendant - £38 down from £95

DKNY cute lady twill scarf (a past lust item of the week) - £35 down from £70

Reiss Charlie silk printed shirt - £55 down from £110

Reiss Fabio wool hat - £24 down from £45

+J wool soutien collared short jacket - £59.99 down from £129.99

Zara buck skin clutch bag - £49.99 down from £69.99

p.s. I love shopping if you have had sales success send me photos!


  1. Welcome back Edna!!! Just so excited about your impending motherhood - make sure you try and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy (do not stress out!!).

    Re: maternity clothing - I continued to wear my normal clothes nearly all the way thru carrying Mimi. Just in the last month (when I felt and looked like a beached whale) did I neglect my image! I did purchase a couple of black maternity trousers and a pair of maternity jeans - most of my jersey tops I stretched them beyond the point of no return so these were binned after giving birth. Coats were an issue as my big stage was in the winter but you won't have that problem!

    I am sure you will manage to look as stylish as ever... you can always blog about all the things you wish you were wearing!!! xxxx

  2. Love the dkny scarf...
    My big sale spend is often in Space NK as I thihnk they have a good discounts. I didn't buy clothes in the sale having bought two pairs of boots in December - though 25% discount and thankfully they're not in the sale either so it was a bargain.
    Happy Pregnancy to you!

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a few months now. It is great to see photos of you wearing your cute outfits - gives me inspiration.
    I had success in the sales at a shop I never normally go to - BHS. Found this red, black and grey dress in the sale rail for £28 instead of £35 so I just grabbed it and hoped it would fit me. It fitted perfectly and I got lots of compliments when I wore it to work this week.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments! It's been so nice to return after such an eventful few weeks and hear your comments!

    It turns out, Lizzie, that loads of my wardrobe already seems to be maternity wear! I'm clearly not a fan of form-fitting clothes...or at least I make them form-fitting by using belts. Ditch the belts and I suddenly have a stack of maternity dresses!!!!

    I'm going to drop into Space NK and their sale. I normally find I need new beauty products at this time of year anyway as the winter just destroys my skin...but it's even worse this year as my already uber-sensitive skin is even more so in pregnancy!

    And welcome Kim M! I'm so glad you like the blog! And good work on the BHS dress! I never believe in ruling out any shop as treasures can be found everywhere, often in totally unexpected places.



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