Friday, 21 January 2011

Magical print scarf

Just when you started to think the worst of winter was behind us, temperatures drop and arses start getting frozen off again!
I’ve been living in my grey, slightly sparkly snood since I got it for Christmas but I do think I need to start diversifying a bit! Scarves are one of those wonderful pieces that are both functional but also can make an outfit. And there is a huge selection on the high really no excuse for living in the same one day in day out!
Black magical print frill scarf - £16
This week’s lust item is a wonderfully quirky printed scarf from Topshop. I love prints that often only become clear close-up and you notice amazing details like unicorns, teapots and mushrooms. And for me, it’s refreshing when I’m drawn to a print that’s neither a stripe or a leopard!

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