Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A hint of spring

I know it can be really irritating at this time of year when we’re still in the depths of winter, covered in layer upon layer of clothing, and fashion magazines have already turned their attention to spring. Every magazine is bright and light and full of new season spring fashion. Yet out on the streets we’re still trudging around in our winter clothes, freezing cold and finding it difficult to remember what sunshine is (if you live in the UK you are, anyway!).

As much as I try to fight against it and not fixate on the next season when the current one is not done with yet, little by little my fashion thoughts start to turn to lighter clothes and being rid of the multiple layers. Even the idea of going out with just a blazer instead of a winter coat becomes joyful! Single layers of clothing...just a dress, without layers underneath and on’s almost mythical after so long buried in clothes!

And this week I received an email about the Asos ‘Spring Haze’ collection, a 70s influenced collection. I could just picture sunshine and warmth looking at the clothes. Some are divine and I’m itching to add them to my wardrobe (the spot mesh t-shirt in particular). And most of it is on sale – which is always a bonus!

I promise not to fixate on spring too early...this is just a momentary lapse until at least March!

Spot mesh t-shirt - £24 

Spot shirt dress - £35 (please try and ignore the ridiculous glasses!) 

Oversized woven panel shirt - £24  

Pleated sleeveless maxidress - £52

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