Sunday, 16 January 2011

New year nails

I’ve blogged before about Topshop make-up, mainly because the packaging is so pretty and I’m drawn to superficial things like that!! I was, admittedly, disappointed with a lip crayon I purchased from the range because it only lasted about a week...I loved the colour but not it’s longevity! But I bought a blusher at the same time which is still going strong and doing it’s best to put some colour in my cheeks and banish my winter cadaver-like complexion!
I was having a quick look on the site tonight and have totally fallen for a lot of their nail polishes. Even though my nails tend to border on the ok/chipped & knackered looking, I'm still obsessed with nail polishes and have far too many of them and always seem to be on the look out for more. I think the blue ‘Nails in Cloud’ polish is next on the list!

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