Saturday, 15 January 2011

New year, new accessories

Pregnancy has already had an impact on my lust items of the week. It’s difficult to contemplate buying clothes at the moment when I don’t know how long they will fit...and then how long they'll reside in the cupboard, neglected, until I can one day get into them again...hopefully!

Instead, I find myself obsessed with accessories...and at least accessories help to freshen up what you’ve already got in your wardrobe. This is something fresh in my mind this evening after a three hour session trying to sort out my wardrobe and once again being reminded that I have an epic amount of clothing and only wear a fraction of it! I can feel some sort of new years resolution forming...
A new pair of ankle boots can suddenly make dresses that have been hanging forlorn in your wardrobe look right again and ready for an outing. As can a beautiful piece of jewellery, such as this week’s lust item.

Surrounded double roped grape bracelet by Brook&Lyn - $85 (about £54)
I cannot remember how I came across the Brook&Lyn site. I think the designer was mentioned on Twitter and I looked at her blog and liked her style and loved her jewellery. She’s based in the USA but they do seem to ship internationally, so the jewellery is within reach.

As much as I love the necklaces, what I am really lusting after is a bracelet (my statement piece with the new blouse, black trousers, & red lips outfit!).

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