Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A blue for the January blues!

Over the weekend I took the decision to once again tackle my wardrobe. I’d reached a point when opening the doors every morning was totally uninspiring and I couldn’t find anything to wear, other than a handful of favourites.

So I culled - I packed away clothes into storage, dragged clothes out that needed the dry cleaners and also made decisions about clothes that are already starting to feel snug around the middle and are only going to get worse. I now have three suitcases full of clothes in storage (though admittedly that includes all my summer clothes)!

I also made the decision that anything left in my wardrobe was going to start to get worn. No more dresses languishing unloved and unworn in my wardrobe...everything in there is going to get a regular outing!

And I’ve put it into practice this week – for two days in a row I’ve worn dresses that haven’t seen the light of day for some time.

Today’s outfit divided Mr W and me...as do lots of my outfits, in fact! He was unconvinced by the blue frock. We were in Zara earlier this evening and I was trying on coats in the middle of the shop. He said everyone else was dressed in muted greys, browns and blacks...and I stood there in my ‘electric blue’ dress looking like I was on my way home from a rave!! It’s not electric blue...and I think now and again bright colours help to lift a miserable mood and day! A life only in greys and browns would be a very dull existence!

My outfit is an old Cos dress, my new Uniqlo cardigan, polka dot M&S tights, frog necklace from the Laden Showroom and a bracelet from Pilgrim jewellery (and a present from my lovely sister).

I'm also wearing my bargain of the January sales...my Kurt Geiger boots, bought for £45 on My Wardrobe and down from £150 (and, as I saw this evening, still on sale for £99 in the Liberty sale!).

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