Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Owl of the New Year

I spotted this month’s owl of the month in Topshop this evening. I know, for someone who isn’t supposed to be shopping and spending money, what the hell am I doing on the high street two nights in a row?!

Tonight I was on a mission to find maternity tights and leggings – my winter layers are increasingly digging into my pregnant belly, so I hit the maternity departments of H&M and Topshop (and given I’ve just watched Mary Portas Secret Shopper, can report that H&M had huge queues everywhere and I was almost knocked over by an assistant being over-zealous/aggressive in manoeuvring a clothes rail through the shop! Topshop was on form, very nice, friendly staff and less than a minute to be served).

Anyway, the owl of January is this quirky ring, which is almost a cross between an owl and an alien. Brilliant! Probably something best saved for the evening, rather than a day in the office!

Owl ring - £12.50

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