Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas baggage

Christmas sadly feels like a distant memory...all the sparkle has already faded and we’re left in the month of hell that is January!

I never understand why anyone abstains from anything this month...if you’re going to detox do it in any other month when there doesn’t seem to be such a cloud of gloom. If ever there was a time when alcohol is needed, it's in January’s grimness. Unfortunately the only bottle I’m hitting is lemon barley, so I have to think of other things to cheer myself up!
And what has been cheering me up no end this week has been carrying around my new Christmas handbag!

There is something very satisfying about opening a present that feels like a handbag...and is a little beauty of one when you tear the paper off! Mr W bought me this lovely satchel from Zara. I had dropped a little hint that I liked pretty much all the handbags in Zara and this is the one he chose (and in typical male shopping style, walked into the store, showed an assistant a photo of it on his iphone, she then got it for him, he paid and left, all in the space of a couple of minutes!).

Gorgeous tweed lining & accessorised with my faithful monkey!

p.s. I’m also wearing my wonderful new grey, sparkled snood from M&S, a present from my lovely mum and dad, which has been a permanent fixture around my neck since 25th December! My coat is a few years old, again from M&S, and was also a Christmas present!

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