Monday, 7 February 2011

Classic Kate with a twist

Last week I blogged about the quirky jewellery from Maggie Angus and mentioned that I think that even at times when you’re going for quite a classic outfit, it’s always good to add an unexpected element. Go too classic and rather than looking the picture of sophistication, you can end up looking frumpy and a little dull (at least I find that I do...I embarrassingly channeled this look for a while in university (odd, I know) and looked like a 1980s secretary!).

Even sometimes just the addition of a bright lipstick or nail polish can be enough...or tousled hair with a very sleek outfit...just something to add some contrast and individuality.

And then the next day I spotted a photo of Kate Moss in an outfit that just totally demonstrated all of this...which is what she does anyway and has done for donkeys years. Classic with an edge.

Photo taken (to my shame) from the Daily Mail
Photo In Style
How much more classic can you get than a little black dress and a camel coat? Yet she gives it more interest by adding a floppy 70s style hat and sunglasses and that’s enough to stop it looking dull.

I know it’s not very original looking at Kate Moss for fashion inspiration but sometimes it’s worth it because she knows what she’s doing!

Classic with a twist!

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