Saturday, 12 February 2011

Classic neon

I spotted this week's lust item in the April issue of Elle. I'm always partial to a bit of neon and there's quite a lot for SS11 and the magazines are packed with it. I tend to go for neon accessories (and nail polish!) rather than clothing...for clothing I would go more for something that is bright rather than full-on neon (such as the orange lace top from Dorothy Perkins in the last post). A full-on neon yellow/orange top could very easily slip into fluorescent safety clothing territory...maybe an added bonus on a dark night but not something I'm aiming for in my overall look!

This week's lust item fuses a classic satchel in a neon yellow/green...again, the mantra, classic with a twist! I tried to look on the Cambridge Satchel Company website for more information but at the moment all they have is a teeny tiny photo and a note that they are being made, will be available in March, are already hugely popular, so order now if you want one!

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