Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cobalt blue daydreams

This week I am lusting after a cobalt blue pair of trousers from Reiss. I walk past these in the window of Reiss on the way to and from work every day and they are calling out to me (though to no avail, given the bump that would now need to squeeze into the waistband!).

Gilda fluid trousers - £110

Still, I can fashion daydream and in my cobalt blue trousers daydream I'm wearing them out for drinks on a summer evening, with lots of gold – gold sandals, lots of gold jewellery, a loose, draped white t-shirt or vest and a short burnished metallic jacket!

I don’t own many coloured trousers. I have this odd paranoia about trousers in any colour other than black, white or a pattern showing up a sweaty crotch! I remember my friend Lisa telling me that she could always tell the novices turning up to her bikram yoga class, as they proudly walk in wearing marl grey leggings, and an hour later scuttle out with conspicuous dark patches in areas where it’s always embarrassing to have a dark patch!

However, I think I may be old enough and hopefully wise enough (at least in fashion!) that I can brave coloured a loose fabric...knowing that a sweaty crotch is not a common occurrence and I can wear these safe in the knowledge that I will (should!) be dark patch free!

Obviously in my cobalt blue trousers daydream, problems like a sweaty crotch don’t even exist!

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