Monday, 14 February 2011

Finding your beauty guru!

I know we have beauty advice thrust at us from every direction. There is always a new cream, or serum, or tonic or treatment that we simply have to try to help correct our multitude of flaws and make us look younger, thinner, bigger busted, smoother skinned etc etc etc!

As much as it's annoying being inundated with products for problems you didn’t even know you had...good beauty advice is treasure indeed. No nonsense, honest, helpful advice is something most women appreciate.

Which is why, Edna readers, I'm introducing you to Sali Hughes, the Guardian magazine’s new(ish) beauty columnist, if you’re not already a fan. She has no time for creams that claim they will increase your bust size or resculpture your face!

A revelation for me was finding out that there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin...and that it’s possible to have dehydrated skin as well as it being oily. So no more overly rich creams for me treating winter dryness while at the same time fuelling spots on my (still oily at 33!) T-zone. Instead, I now look for hydrating creams.

The only risk in reading her column each week is that it can turn into a bit of a beauty shopping list! So far I've tried the Garnia hydra-lock hand cream (£3.29 and brilliant), Origins drink-up intensive overnight mask (£20, only used once so far but loved it) and a Maybelline lipstick in coral tonic (£7.19 but got a 3-2 on Maybelline cosmetics in Boots...lovely colour that’s easy to wear for daytime).

Sali Hughes is my beauty guru!

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  1. Thank you for your tweets about Sali. i'm enjoying reading her tweets and articles. Happy Beauty Shopping.


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