Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cakes & Vintage Plates

I love afternoon tea. I can get ludicrously excited about a suite of cakes on offer! And an entire afternoon dedicated to the pleasure of drinking tea and eating cakes is heaven indeed.

This afternoon I hosted my own little afternoon tea party with a few friends. A while ago Mr W bought me a vintage cake stand and I decided it needed an airing. You can spend a fortune on vintage cake stands...even though mine was a present, I was with Mr W when he bought it and it was an absolute bargain.

The junk/antique shop near my house has started selling them. The owner said that he gets given so many old mismatched plates which no one ever buys, so he thought it was a good idea to drill holes in them and then sell them with the fittings for making a cake stand. So you can choose from a selection of plates and create your own, buy the fittings...and voila...a vintage cake stand for £8.95!

And this was today's spread...baked by my fair hand, except the coffee and walnut cup cakes made by my lovely friend Lisa. I made an orange and chocolate drizzle cake which in my years of baking was probably the best cake I've ever made...delicious!

So no fashion today, Edna readers, just cakes and vintage plates!

The slab of cake at the front which
looks like a burnt brick is actually the
delicious orange & chocolate drizzle cake!

1 comment:

  1. These cakes look divine and the images are making me so hungry...Funnily enough I have just been to a wedding in New Zealand and my mission was to find a cake stand for the bride which wasn't easy! Tea parties are the way forward !


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