Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ready for flowers

Florals make me a little nervous. I'd honestly struggle to think of very much floral in my entire wardrobe. It's such a fine line between floral patterns that are flattering and those that have slipped into old lady territory. And I’ve mentioned before that my look can sometimes stray into 'nan out for an afternoon tea', so adding florals into the mix could spell fashion (and potentially marital!) disaster.

You do spot younger women everywhere in London sporting ironic old lady looks; I’m not a fan of any look that is ironic and may require an explanation! I think if you’re 18 and/or stunningly beautiful you can wear what you like, for most other women our ideal is usually to choose clothing that is flattering and makes us feel good.

But, season after season, the florals on the high street get better and more diverse. There is a huge amount of choice and I’m starting to feel that space may be made in my wardrobe...and marriage...for some floral without risking doubling my age.

These are some of my favourites but I could honestly have doubled the selection...there is a lot out there and a lot to love!

Oasis bardot print tie back dress - £45

Topshop cream floral print bell sleeve blouse - £45

Asos Marios Schwab fairtrade floral tattoo digital print scarf - £40
Dorothy Perkins floral print dress - £38

Office strap up floral sandal - £40

O&O floral mesh dress - £48

Dorothy Perkins coral stripe border print vest - £19.99 

Laden Showroom vintage spray tea dress - £47

Topshop taupe floral print balcony bra - £18 (matching knickers available)

Accessorize floral printed ipad case - £28 (admittedly I'd need to actually buy an ipad first but still, lovely case for my non-existent gadget!)

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