Monday, 21 March 2011

Frocking Fabulous for affordable vintage

I just caught up on last week’s Lily Allen documentary about setting up ‘Lucy in Disguise' (which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed and thought she seemed great company!) and it reminded me that months ago I had an email from a neighbour of a good friend who has an online vintage clothes store and I haven’t yet blogged about it.

I love vintage clothes shopping. When you find a second hand piece of clothing that you love, that fits you and you can afford, it feels like a little shopping karma has come your’s a real treat!

Sometimes the vintage shopping fairy has bitten me instead of rewarding me. I remember being in a vintage store in New York a few years ago and getting flattered into buying a dress that apparently only I had fitted into since they had got it in stock. It felt like a sign that the dress was for me. I got it home and checked the label and saw that my special vintage purchase was actually just a Zara dress! And to rub salt into the wound, on my first day back in London I saw a woman wearing my ‘one of a kind’ vintage dress. So it wasn’t even vintage frikkin Zara!

Vintage can be fraught with pitfalls...buying high street rather than vintage being just one of them. Over-pricing is another. I remember going to a vintage fair near Brick Lane in London and turning into my mum muttering ‘HOW MUCH?!”. Ludicrous sums of money for clothes that would struggle to make pence in a charity shop.

Which brings me back to my friend’s neighbour's online vintage shop ‘Frocking Fabulous’.

There's a lovely selection of vintage clothing and it’s all reasonably priced. Dresses tend to be around £30-£50...though you can get some dresses for £19. There is a great selection of coats – lots of fake furs, some aviator jackets and wool winter coats – and a few handbags too.

I think that it’s also possible to go and see stock in the flesh...but you'd need to double check before turning up on their doorstep!

So reasonably priced vintage...without a Zara number in sight!

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