Monday, 14 March 2011

Whimsical t-shirts

A bit of a late lust item of the week (I think it may even be lust item of the fortnight!). Sorry for being slack with Edna...a stinking cold, combined with pregnancy and work has meant I've either been working or sleeping and not much else!

This week I've been lusting after t-shirts from Uniqlo. They have a new range with the designers Antoni & Alison which isn't my cup of tea at all...but whilst checking out that range, I came across these little beauties from a designer called Franche Lippee.

It's the quirky, whimsical detailing that I love...and the fact that for some of them you would have to look really closely to notice, so it's almost like your little secret.

I haven't seem them in the flesh but I am hoping that they'll be made of a lightweight cotton which I would wear loose, tucked into some fitted, straight leg trousers (or skinnies), brogues and a blazer...maybe with my long, gold skull necklace!

Now I'm back off to bed with a bottle of cough medicine!

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