Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sorting out spots

A quick blog tonight as I've been getting zen-like at my first pregnancy yoga class and have not long got home...and my bed is now calling me!

Sometimes you use a product that works so well on your skin that you just have to share the little gem with others. I've always had difficult skin - very sensitive, oily but also dry in places and prone to eczema...and the odd bout of acne. A handful, to say the least!

Pregnancy has just made these usual problems worse...the most visible has been the growing spot situation on my chin...every morning, even more would appear.

Years ago I saw a GP who said it was excessive bacteria on my chin (sorry if you're trying to eat or it's a bit early in the morning for bacterial chat!) and prescribed a tonic to help sort it out.

But now I wanted to use something that was a little gentler and less hard-core chemicals going into my system.

And this is what I tried and it has worked miracles!

It has cleared up my chin in the space of a week. I know toners get slated for not really doing anything but this one has been incredible. I just apply twice a day with cotton wool...and inflamation and angry spots have disappeared.

So if your skin is suffering a bit and spots are becoming the bane of your face...I would definitely recommend it.

And Boots has a 3-2 across all skincare at the moment, so it wouldn't even be full price!

p.s. I promise Vichy has not paid me to promote this product...I doubt they even know of my existence!!

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