Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The cat print dress

Sorry for being all quiet on the Edna front...once again! I think I may have to accept that I can no longer blog quite as frequently as I used to...though I'll do my best to make them good ones when I do!

Obviously since I last blogged there has been major, international dress news with the royal wedding! What did you think of the frock? This may sound tragic but I shared the moment over the phone with my sister in Cardiff...and we both cooed over how stunning it was. And she didn't go for the usual weddingy designers - you've got to love a bit of McQueen for a royal wedding!

In other, slightly less exciting, dress news I've finally taken some photos of my much mentioned Dorothy Perkins cat print dress. The dress that got many compliments at London Fashion Weekend and disbelief when I told people where I got it from! It's another of my non-maternity, maternity dresses and I love it.

I'm also wearing my brand spanking new glasses! I got them from the Gok Wan range at Specsavers...which I was really impressed with. I know it's probably not the coolest brand to buy and I didn't think 'shit, I must go and get myself some of those Gok Wan glasses'...but they are affordable and there are some great styles. There are lots to choose from...including sunglasses, which I've also bought! Unfortunately I've bought aviators which match the Ray Bans Mr W wears...he is unamused and I do concede that we'll look like a right pair of tools if we both wear them when out together!

The rest of my outfit is my worn to death Zara blazer, H&M maternity leggings (folded up because they're too long for my short little legs!) and Office brogues.


  1. I love the dress and the brogues. Perfect.

  2. And the dress was only something like £30! Bargain!


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