Saturday, 7 May 2011

Leopard print loveliness

It's a contrast this week in what I am lusting after and what I've actually bought. My lust item is a piece of leopard print loveliness. My shopping has been upsizing in the knicker department, as my pregnant body has outgrown my pants and I've upscaled a few sizes! I feel much more comfortable and less likely to lose a leg to strangulation by knicker elastic...but it's not been a purchase that makes me feel very attractive.

This little LK Bennett leopard print dress would!

LK Bennett Wilder aquamarine dress - £195

I know it's not to everyone's taste and some of you will still feel a little uncertain about leopard print. For years we were indoctrinated that is was tacky and brassy and overtly sexy. I don't agree with this at all. Admittedly if you're wearing a skin tight, uber short, low cut, satin leopard print dress that's straining across your curves, then that is a bit over the top. But I think that's a cumulative effect rather than because you're wearing a leopard print!

I think leopard print - even in turquoise as here - can be very chic. This dress works because the rest of it is so demure - long sleeves, on the knee and in jersey fabric. It works with a blazer and some simple heels for the office. It stands up on its own for a night out. I'd tend to keep it simple and avoid too much decoration when wearing this dress.

However, at £195 this is most definitely a lust item from a distance with a possible eye on a future sale!

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