Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Denim dreams

It may be because I haven’t had a waistline for a while...or that I've seen lots of denim in magazines recently...or that as little as I wear jeans, I'm missing squeezing myself into the occasional pair of skinnies...but I've become a little obsessed recently with denim. Denim in all forms, not just jeans...although jeans are really what I am lusting after.

I know you can get maternity jeans – and I do have one pair of hand-me-downs – but they’re not quite the same. And because I’m quite short and heels are a bit of a no-no at the moment, maternity jeans with flats make me feel even more squat than usual and my legs more sausage-like!

I’m now dreaming about the day that I can squeeze myself back into some jeans and try and look a little like Mary-Kate Olsen in this amazing outfit.

For now, I may satisfy the urge for denim with one of the Dorothy Perkins dresses shown below. Dorothy Perkins has a whole plethora of denim loveliness in store and is definitely worth a look!

But lots of denim has been catching my eye on the high street...

Zara red jeans - £39.99

Oasis coloured cherry crop jeans - £45

Mango jeans - £44.90


  1. I wore a pair of coloured denim jeans for the first time ever on Monday. It felt odd having coral where blue should be but everyone thought they looked fab - even my OH. The fact he even noticed astonished me!
    That second pic is just gorgeous!

  2. I've been really tempted to buy a pair...the coral is just gorgeous! I was a bit sceptical at first - I think because I used to wear coloured jeans when I went through a hippy stage as a 15 year old! - but I've been won over seeing so many women looking great in them!


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