Saturday, 21 May 2011

Simple summer sandals

This week's lust item has been on my radar for a very long time...I was tempted to buy a pair last year. This year, there is every chance they're going to end up on my feet!

Clarks Kestral Soar sandals - £45
I love the simplicity of these Clarks Originals sandals. I know there's a risk that they could look a little orthopaedic but I think they fall just on the right side of sensible and are actually simple and flattering. I can imagine them on my feet with a bright, neon polish on my toe nails and maybe the hint of a tan.

I'm selling them to myself on the basis that they're also uber comfortable. I've already been into Clarks and done the sole squeezing test to see how supportive they seem - they passed with flying colours. I know the next step is trying on but I have to approach that stage carefully, as it invariably leads to the purse coming out!

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