Tuesday, 10 May 2011

M&S scarves - treasure amongst the dross

My recent shopping trip to buy my much-needed bigger pants took me into M&S for the first time in a while. I know I've said this before - and it's an often heard complaint - but M&S sells some utter, utter dross. A sea of revolting clothing in fact!

I did spot a few nice pieces but these were totally over-whelmed by the onslaught of dated, unflattering, bizarrely printed clothing. Even the latest M&S ad campaigns made me raise an eyebrow - the idea of putting Lisa Snowdon or Danii Minogue in clothing that makes them look frumpy and dated. What the hell hope is there for us mere mortals?!

Despite this traditional M&S complaint, one thing they do well (aside from the obvious undies) is scarves. I always spot a scarf I'd like to buy and they're usually a reasonable price.

The latest one on my radar is the star print scarf below, which I saw in a gorgeous green. It was almost a lust item of the week but I decided to feature a few M&S scarves as I could have happily bought more than one. These are some of my favourites...none of which should make you look like your 90 year old nan going for tea!

Scatter star print scarf - £15 (shown in pink but I want it in green)

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