Monday, 23 May 2011

Discovering Galibardy jewellery

A few weeks ago, a quirky little apple ring caught my eye in was even more appealing because it didn’t cost an absolute fortune.

Apple ring - £18

I immediately looked at the brand Galibardy online and found a treasure trove of quirky jewellery, all of which is less than £50...most much, much less.

I think sometimes a little bit of quirky jewellery can be great to take a classic outfit and make it a more interesting. Rather than twinset and pearls, you can go for twinset and a ‘Robot Bambi’ necklace and it stops the frump factor.

I tend to like one or the other though – quirky jewellery or some quirk in the outfit itself or other accessories...not in the entire outfit, otherwise there’s a risk of looking a bit of a tit!

It’s all about the balance and if you strike the right balance, I think there’s a place for a balloon dog necklace in every grown-up woman’s jewellery box!


  1. My friend introduced me to these guys a few months ago. The fruit ring is wonderful and the fruit pendants are cute too but my absolute favourite is the Rainbow Flower ring.

  2. love the bambi Necklace, very cute! x


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