Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bambi & me, happy as can be

It’s been pointed out to me that the animal on my ‘lust item of the week’ is not, in fact, a dog but rather a deer. Hence the name ‘Bambi’! I am, at times, slow to put two and two together! Still, dog or no dog, it is a beauty…

Which is why I am very, very happy and very, very lucky as I am now the proud new owner of said ‘Bambi’ bag!! I’m going to sound a little like a spoilt princess, but my husband bought it for me! He said he wanted to give me a present as he was proud of me for starting my blog. Very sweet!

So in honour of the occasion, I’ve taken some photos of Bambi and I ready for a day in the office! (Please try not to let the horrific roots on display in the first photo distract from the beauty of the bag!)

The rest of the outfit is: Club Monaco high-waisted skirt, vest top free with this month’s Elle magazine, very old Clarks shoes (back in fashion again because of the kitten heel and loafer styling!), and I think Accessorise jewellery…but it’s so old I cannot really remember…


  1. who's your husband - he must be an extremely kind, funny, handsome, strapping, generous, all-round good kinda guy?!

  2. You are a lucky, lucky lady Katie!!! I've just purchased myself a very cute pair of pumps from Next in animal print with pink jewels - needed to satisfy my shoe fetish... cheap but very pretty x

  3. I know...I've had a spring in my step walking around with it today! I love it! You have to email me a photo of your shoes...I'm thinking of writing something on animal print second favourite pattern after a stripe!

  4. That bag is the tits, nuff said!

  5. I love it! It is a stunner!


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