Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Polish

Considering my fingers have had to endure years of cuticle picking (a disgusting habit which I cannot seem to break and would be eternally grateful for any advice in how to stop!!) and are therefore not my nicest feature, I still have an obsession with nail polishes. It’s a real effort for me not to keep buying them, particularly when each season there are some great shades to tempt me!

I have a shelf in my fridge groaning under the weight of countless bottles (advice from a make-up addict old flatmate was to keep nail polish in the fridge to stop it separating).

I was talking to a friend at the weekend about our forays into neon...her neon pink probably a little more successful and easier to wear than the neon yellow I’m currently sporting on my toes!

(Confession time again...these are new sandals! If you’re a regular Edna reader you will have seen the red version of these in my M&S blog a few weeks ago. I got these in the sale last week, down from £39.50 to £12!).

There are some really pretty summe
r polishes around at the moment. I’ve mentioned in a comment a few weeks ago that I received an OPI pale purple shade (called Rumple’s Wiggin!) as a present, which I’ve worn to death this summer.

One of my year round favourite shades is ‘One Perfect Coral’ from Revlon but honestly I’m a huge fan of Revlon nail polishes in general. They’re affordable, go on really well so often one coat is enough, pretty hardy and they have a huge range of colours.

Another lovely brand is Butter London, who make nail products that are ‘3 Free’ meaning there’s no Formaldehyde, no toluene, and no DBP (Phthales)...I don’t know what some of these are but they don’t sound hugely healthy! They have great ranges of shades for each season...including a lovely yellow polish this summer called ‘Cheeky Chops’ (which I bought for my sister-in-law).

I’ve mentioned before that Topshop has a really pretty make-up collection...which I've still yet to try! The nail polishes are at a really reasonable £5, so it makes buying fun shades feasible...such as this ‘Carry on Camping’ green.

And possibly my favourite...the super pretty ‘sorbet’ collection from Nails Inc. Any nail polish described as ‘pistachio’ is pretty quickly going to be wheeling its way over to my nails!

Although A/W collections are starting to hit the shops and dark and sultry is pushing out pistachio and pretty...I’m going to be keeping it light and summery as long as possible (and trying to stop picking my cuticles!!).

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  1. Piece on Guardian website about pastel make-up...not just of the nail variety


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