Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Back in love with Viv

My relationship with Vivienne Westwood has been repaired enough for me to be able to write about her again. Regular Edna readers will know the trials I have faced trying to get my treasured clutch bag fixed. It has finally reached a conclusion...I no longer have the original clutch bag but I do have a replacement that I have fallen in love with already. It’s red, there are stars and polka dots and a gold orb (though significantly smaller than the original clutch, so less likely to drop off!). You can just about see it in the photo at the top left.

So now that my Westwood saga has reached a satisfactory conclusion and I have let go of the anger, I can once again write about one of my favourite designers.

Admittedly it is usually out of my price range and I would only normally contemplate a purchase in the sales but that doesn’t stop me lusting after so much of it! Her designs are iconic and the magic words that I love – classic with a twist.

Rather than ramble too much about every single reason why I love Vivienne Westwood (ignoring the shoddy customer service for a second!) the reason for blogging is that a few weeks ago the new Vivienne Westwood website was launched . And it has had a much needed face lift...you can actually finally shop on the site (though disappointingly sites such as My Wardrobe still seem to have a wider selection), the design of it is wonderful and there’s lots on the history of the brand.

Other than just aimlessly wandering through the site for inspiration, there are a few things that took my fancy and are a little more within reach.

Anglomania ultragirl bow shoes - £70

Anglomania lady dragon IV - £110

Limited edition pendant - £85

Chick & gemstone egg necklace, which I’m aware is ridiculous but I love!

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