Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mawi Statement Necklace

I’ve got a couple of weeks of big meetings ahead of me, when I have to wheel out my super smart work wear and channel uber-businesswoman (that’s the aim, anyway!).

I mentioned a few weeks ago in Edna’s work wear week that I tend to keep my smart work wear quite simple – a limited colour palette, quite classic styles but with a twist and that I dress them up and give them some personality with accessories.

The accessory that makes a huge difference for my work wardrobe is a big statement necklace. It gives character to an otherwise simple outfit and makes me feel like I don’t completely disappear into the corporate grey background!

For this week’s lust item, I have chosen a statement necklace that would cheer up all of my work wear. It’s from a range that jewellery designer Mawi has done for Asos.

I love Mawi – most of it isn’t for the faint-hearted being very bold and with a large dose of quirk. I have a skull necklace that I bought from Cocosa at quite a big discount, which is a little more discreet and I can wear with lots of different outfits. There are actually regular Mawi sales on Cocosa, so if you do love Mawi you should sign up for Cocosa and keep an eye out for them (if you’re not already a member, let me know and I can email you an invitation).

Anyway, the range for Asos is obviously a lot cheaper but still retains the look and feel of the mainline Mawi collection.
If I was feeling flush, this necklace would be joining me at my meetings over the next week. Alas, I am not so for now it is only making an appearance on Edna!

Mawi gunmetal and gold row necklace - £65

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