Monday, 8 November 2010

Natural Beauty from Wales

On Saturday judgement was upon me from Mr W as I skipped happily across London to attend the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ fair at Olympia. I am childlike in my love of the festive brace yourself Edna readers because come 1st December I am likely to be unbearable!

Mr W is of the mindset that Christmas starts on 24th and ends on 26th December. He almost had an allergic reaction just to the notion of me attending such a festive overload. Thankfully my sister shares my excitement, so we were skipping around the fair together!

It really was lovely – lots of stalls selling gorgeous present ideas. And the food hall was just incredible...I came home laden down with cheese, which helped to appease Mr W somewhat!

What was also wonderful was that so many of the stalls were from small independent retailers, so you got to discover lots of lovely new of which is the subject of tonight’s blog.

We were tempted into the Celtic Herbal stall by the offer of free soap (I confess to be an absolute sucker for a freebie!) and were completely won over very quickly. We got to try anything we wanted, smell any soap they had, test the differences between facial oils and body oils and generally have the pleasure of talking to someone who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she’s of the joys of small, independent retailers.

I bought the nourishing facial oil with raspberry oil, Vitamin E, along with antioxidant rich, nourishing wheatgerm and sebum balancing jojoba for normal skin...and only £9.95 ! A bargain considering facial oils from Neals Yard are around the £30 mark. 
I also bought an ‘Angel’ soap with a beautiful rose fragrance at £5.01...and a few presents!

I would really recommend looking at their website; they have such a wonderful selection of products all handmade with natural herbs and essential oils and really well-priced for the quality of what you’re buying. Delivery seems to be 99p at the moment and free over £20, so a bargain.

And, the clincher for me as I was born and raised in mid-Wales, the products are made in Wales!

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