Thursday, 4 November 2010

Moss Debut & Finale

I’ve firstly got to apologise for not blogging last night...I feel like I’ve let you all down! I love writing my blog and really don’t skip it because I cannot be arsed...though my excuse for last night is a little lame. I was home but instead of writing my blog, Mr W suggested we watch a film and we sat down to watch the 1970s classic Papillon. Two and a half hours later it ended, with me with barely an eye open, staggering like a zombie to bed! Hence no blog!

I promise I won’t sacrifice Edna for a 1970s prison escape drama again!

Back to fashion...tonight is the debut of Kate Moss on the Edna blog!

I think, like most women, even though I don’t necessarily share her style I do like seeing what she wears. I bought the Angela Buttolph book about her style a year or so ago and it's an enjoyable book. Aside from looking at photos of someone who is so ridiculously gorgeous, it’s interesting to see that she does actually have quite a classic style that she’s retained over many years. And it’s amazing to see all the trends that were actually started by her...trends that you know you’ve embraced yourself without realising the source.

But, saying all this, I’ve never bought anything from her ranges for Topshop. I know some people originally complained about the idea that she was a designer...especially because the design process was apparently copying clothes from her wardrobe. But really, I don’t care about that at all. If I like something, I don’t mind who has ‘designed’ it and what shop it’s from.

I guess a lot of it has been very boho, which is not my style at all. I can handle a hint of boho but not a full frontal assault! My sister has bought a few things from previous collections – admittedly all in the sales – including the jacket she wore to London Fashion Weekend, which I loved.

This week her final collection for Topshop was launched...and given that the appeal of the range was on the wane, it was probably a good time to stop. Even though the collections have not sent me into a shopping frenzy, I thought given it’s her final collection, Edna should give a bit of blog time to Moss.

I haven’t included everything I liked because I thought some of it was so staggeringly expensive for what it was (£130 for a short star-print viscose dress!) that it just didn’t sit very well with me and the Edna blog. It’s inevitable really but you are paying a premium to have something that Kate Moss ‘designed'...and really a lot of the frilly little frocks are no better quality or design than what you’d pick up for half the price on the rest of the high street.

Anyway, these are some of the items I do like...but would still only part with cash once they’re in the sale! The cardigan above was my favourite item but I thought £100 was a bit stiff for something mostly polyester...but clearly others don’t as it’s sold out!

Sheepskin sleeve bomber jacket – a hefty £250 but it is leather and sheepskin

Iconic fringe jacket - £80

Leopard knit cardigan - £50 (which does seem a lot for something that is mainly acrylic and has only 16% wool – but again seems to have sold out)

Daisy spot chiffon dress - £75 (would only really wear this sort of dress in summer…and not sure I would spend £75 on one!)

Beaded waist dress - £80

Sequin spot tulle dress - £120

Diamante circle ring - £30

Embroidered panel tea dress - £80

Lace ruffle bra - £25

Matching pants - £14

p.s. there’s an interesting article in the Guardian this week about Kate Moss and her fashion influence.

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