Saturday, 27 November 2010

Thermals & Sequins

What I’m lusting after this week is frivolous and a treat. What I’ve actually been buying are thermals! I’ve bought a stack of the Uniqlo heat-tech vests, leggings and long-sleeved tops and bought some thermal leggings in M&S...which I have on as I type this and are a treat!

They are so warm and cosy and actually look pretty too, rather than looking like you’ve got grandma’s long-johns on! They are £18, so not cheap, but I’ve been so cold that they seemed worth the investment. My only advice would be to buy a size bigger than you think you are. I’m a size 8/10 and bought a size 12, which are snug.

Back to the lust item of the week.

Sequins and the festive season are a total cliché, I know. The whole sequin and frill overload is a bit much and actually it’s often nice to go for something completely different and wear much more under-stated outfits and save the sequins for other occasions.

But this time of year is perfect for stocking up on them because every single shop is bursting with sequins! So buy now, use later!

Or with this lovely copper sequin bag from Mango, you can easily dress up a very plain outfit with some under-stated festive sparkle. Boyfriend jeans, stripy top, blazer, with some heels and a cross-body sparkle bag. Perfect for a Christmas pub lunch!

Sequin chain bag in copper - £37.90

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