Monday, 15 November 2010

Blogging Nightmare

I'm having a blogging nightmare. I am in Brussels for a couple of days and had planned to properly blog from here (tis the modern age, surely internet access is no issue in Belgium's capital?!). However, I am operating with one tiny bar of network coverage and just opening my blogger account has taken 10 minutes! So I think until Wednesday I may be limited to text only blogging...and will have to keep it brief!

Please don't abandon Edna...I'll be back at full network strength on Wednesday and promise a good blog then!

For tonight, I'm only posting a link to a blog I love and the shop where you can buy the illustrations. It's the fashionable rabbit Fifi Lapin. I love her prints - they are quirky and wonderful and cheer me up no end on this slightly depressing Monday night!

I managed to post a picture...hurrah! Last year, Topshop collaborated with Fifi Lapin on Christmas cards, which were wonderful. You can buy prints off the website and the new book "What Shall I Wear Today"...possibly Christmas present territory!

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