Thursday, 25 November 2010

Illustrating Fashion

Tonight I went to see a wonderful exhibition at Somerset House of the fashion illustrator René Gruau. His illustrations are synonymous with Christian Dior and were used throughout the last century for Christian Dior perfumes, as well as sketches of iconic Dior outfits (which were some of my favourites). 

My drawing skills are non-existent and the times I have attempted to sketch, it resembles something a child would produce...if not worse. But I love fashion illustrations...they are beautiful and inspiring. I got a book for Christmas last year “100 Years of Fashion Illustration” and it is a treat. So if you know anyone who loves fashion, you could do worse than buying them a book of fashion illustrations...or if you’re near London, take them to see the René Gruau exhibition!

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading this in the USA...or in fact any American reading this based anywhere...such as my wonderful friend Michelle, a committed Edna reader, based in Perth!


  1. I think I'll be getting myself on a train to London before Jan 9th...

  2. It is wonderful. There's also a small Matthew Williamson exhibition at Somerset House too, which is worth a look while you're there!


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