Thursday, 11 November 2010

Looking forward to Lanvin

Prepare yourself, ladies, because on 23 November it is likely to be handbags at dawn on the British High Street. There will surely be tears, some squabbles, maybe even scuffles. On 23 November the latest H&M designer collaboration launches and it is with the king of the cocktail dress, Lanvin. 

I've bought clothes from the H&M collaborations before - a very chic white shirt from Karl Lagerfeld and a dress and my beloved black gilet form Sonia Rykiel last year. It can be a bit hit and miss at times and I think it's best for all of us if we overlook the Madonna collections! 

But Lanvin looks like it is going to be a very big hit. The dresses are phenomenal and really are recognisable as Lanvin dresses (obviously the quality is not going to be quite the same but who cares when it's never been in your reach anyway!). 

And there are accessories - jewellery, shoes, bags...the lot! 

It pains me to say this but I won't be buying anything this year. A combination of bathroom renovations, roof repairs and electricians has meant the shopping coffers have dried up. So I am admiring from a distance and wishing Edna readers the best of luck in next week's competitive shopping event...handbags at the ready!

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