Monday, 29 November 2010

Fashion Inspiration from Zara

There is a risk that the Edna blog, at times, sounds like an ad for Zara...but once again I am taking inspiration from there! I just find that the collections are completely in tune with my life and the sorts of outfits that suit my working environment. Smart separates, evening wear that can easily be dressed down for the office, a real sense of grown-up clothing for modern women (not girls!).

Admittedly there are dresses and skirts that are too short for me...and every pair of trousers seem to be about a foot too long for me...and the sizing is odd and can be on the (very) small side. But casting all this aside, the clothes are great and the website has a monthly lookbook which is really inspiring. It makes me want to be a grown-up, looking groomed and stylish...which is amazing for a high street store!

Rather than listing items and their prices, I just wanted to share some of my favourite looks from the Zara website. Hopefully in weeks to come you’ll see me being ‘inspired’ by some of these looks in my existing togs (if I have bought anything new, feel free to tell me off, you know I shouldn’t be spending a penny!)

p.s. I'm planning to celebrate the start of the festive season with a Christmas gift guide this please send me your gift ideas (then you can forward my blog on to friends and family and drop hints!!)

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