Saturday, 20 November 2010

Stripes from Max C

This is turning into a bit of a Max C week. Not only has my new red Max C handbag cheered me up no end but this week’s lust item is also from Max C.

I spotted this dress in the same shop where I bought the bag and fell in love immediately. You know how much I love a stripe and to find a stripey dress with so much lovely detailing was a dream! It was £35 and with the 20% discount was down to £28 (it’s £40 on the Max C website).
But Edna readers, you would be proud of my self-control because I didn’t buy it...or even try it on! It is much easier to resist buying clothes in winter because of the ordeal of trying it on. Just the prospect of having to peel all the layers off is so unappealing that I have to either be so convinced that I am going to buy it and completely in love or find a stack of clothes to try on, so that the time taken in undressing is equalled by the length of time in trying on!

On Thursday’s shopping trip I knew I shouldn’t buy it and couldn’t face the ordeal of undressing just for one dress. So on the hanger it stayed.

But it has stayed with me and I’ve been musing on the multitude of ways I would wear it. And for now, I thought it warranted a little appearance on Edna as my lust item this week.

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